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 ÖVK-Lectures followed by a Discussion
The Austrian Association of Automotive Engineers organises lectures followed by a discussion in Vienna, Graz and Steyr. The lecturers are experts in the fields of motor vehicles, engines and technology. Admission to all ÖVK lectures is free, and registration is not required.
 The International Vienna Motor Symposium
For decades, the International Vienna Motor Symposium has served as the rallying point for the international world of automotive engineering. At this symposium, the latest innovations in engine development, future legislation, new engines and fuels, components, electronics and drivetrains are presented in a large number of papers. This high-calibre symposium is supplemented by a technical exhibition and a wide-ranging social programme.
Further information on past symposia and the following symposium can be accessed here
 Lectures at the Vienna University of Technology -
 ÖVK-Advanced Training Seminars
A series of in-depth lectures on specific topics are held at the Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. Information can be obtained from the Institute.
For a survey of recommended in-depth lectures please click here
 Recommended Events organised by other Organizations
A selection of national and international conferences, meetings, colloquia, symposia and lectures offered by other organisations are shown here.

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