The ÖVK-Database enables you to search for lecture title(s), author(s) and companies (search subjects) of below mentioned International Symposia and Congresses as well as ÖVK Lectures and ÖVK Publications.
  • International Vienna Motor Symposia, starting from 1999

  • ÖVK Lectures and ÖVK Publications, starting from 1985

  • The Working Progress of the Internal Combustion Engine, Graz, starting from 2005

  • Engine and Environment, Graz, starting from 2006

  • European All-Wheel Drive Congress Graz, starting from 2007

The search results are lecture title(s) with all details concerning the author(s) and company affiliation, together with information referring to the event, year of the event and reference source.

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Enter the required search subject or part of the search subject in the above search field. When searching for several references, please separate each search subject with a blank space. The search result is listed according to correlation and date.


Search request "inject" will provide possible results: inject, injection, injector ......

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